Annual Report (print)

Centre for Human Rights
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Creating an informative and enjoyable document communicating the Centre for Human Right's achievements in the preceeding year


  • Data Visualisation
  • Editorial Design


  • Adobe Indesign
  • Adobe Illustrator

Time Frame

  • 5 Weeks


York University's Centre for Human Rights publishes annual reports to the York community that detail contact it has received concerning human rights complaints, consultations, and enquiries on campus. These reports are important to the centre, as they provide an important feedback mechanism to the University administration that demonstrates the Centre's effectiveness in dealing with these issues over time.


Having done the previous year's report as well, I took a step back and asked what information would best summarize the state of Human Rights on campus, and our effectiveness in protecting them. Information like what community group categories (students, faculty, and staff) were complaining to whom, and what grounds the cases fell under (Disability, Creed, Sexual Harassment, Race, etc), and how many cases these grounds had recieved over time were the types of charts that we chose to include in the report. It was my job to create these charts from the data, and tie them together into an enjoyable editorial publication.

In addition to case data, the Annual Report also serves to update the community on what events we've hosted, what changes the centre has gone under administratively, and what policies and procedures the centre has been engaged in developing.