Inclusion Day Conference

Centre for Human Rights
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Branding for the CHR's Annual Conference on Inclusive Environments


  • Branding


  • Adobe Illustrator

Time Frame

  • 2 Months


Each January, the Centre for Human Rights hosts the Inclusion Day Conference, which aims to foster discussion about building inclusive environments through a series of workshops, panels, and presentations. My role was to create informational materials for attendees so that they could find their way through the often confusing campus, as well as to create an overarching brand that communicated diversity, equity, and inclusion, while also symbolizing the topic of "Human Rights and the University"


A variety of approaches to the challenge were explored, but one in particular stood out to the CHR team. Feeling bored of pushing around vectors in Adobe Illustrator, I grabbed some coloured office paper, and started tracing my hand, which I then cut out (the paper, that is). The variety of colours were a hit with the team for communicating diversity, and one team member suggested making the hands spell out "Inclusion Day" in American Sign Language, thereby bringing in the topic of accessibility. These hands went on to serve as the main visual element for the 2016 Conference brand.


The project involved applying the brand to a variety of materials for the conferences, including:

  • TV Screen ads
  • Posters
  • Informational Pamphlets
  • Writting Notebooks
  • Bags


The conference recieved nearly 200 guests, and traffic to the CHR's website increased substantially. In the months following the conference, web traffic was up 20% on average from the same time during the previous year.